Rafael Nadal: I hope to win the Australian Open

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Rafael Nadal: I hope to win the Australian Open

Rafael Nadal feels confident ahead of the first Major of the year that will be played from 14th-27th January. Despite having undergone a foot surgery two months ago and having withdrawn from Brisbane this week due to a strain in his left thigh, Nadal said he will play in Melbourne.

'My hope is to win the Australian Open. That's the hope, always,' the 32-year-old confirmed. 'The situation, I can't tell you. We'll see how the things improves. And being honest, I feel myself playing well.

I feel myself playing at a good level of tennis. And I feel myself with very high motivation to compete and to play. And was terrible news for me that things were not the way that I planned, but coming back from a period of time outside of the competition and coming back from a surgery, you know, there's always a chance that this kind of stuff happens.

It happened in Abu Dhabi. But I really believe that I will be 100 percent ready for Melbourne. Last year, in my opinion last year, my situation, my previous situation of the Melbourne tournament was much worse than last year.

And I was in quarterfinal winning two sets to one to be in that semifinal. So I have experience. I have the knowledge of these things happens. And that happens to me probably 10 years ago, I will tell you my chances will be much less, because before I felt that I needed matches and time to be ready to compete at a good level is not the situation today.

I showed myself that I can be playing very well without competing for a while. And I'm going to work as hard as I can, and I'm going to play and practice with the highest tactical possible to be 100 percent ready for Melbourne.

For me it's a big goal to be ready for there and I'm going to fight for it.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title