Rafael Nadal showed us his strength many times, says new coach

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Rafael Nadal showed us his strength many times, says new coach

Tomeu Salva will be part of the Rafael Nadal's coaching team in the 2019 season. Salva will be on the ATP Tour for 25 weeks a year, the half of them as Nadal's coach. Speaking to Marca, Salva commented on how he sees himself in this role.

"In the beginning it looked strange because Rafa is my best friend, like my brother, we are of the same place, we played and we trained together as kids... But in the end you get used to see yourself in another role. Nadal's coach always learns more than us.

Every trip is a life school and every minute next to him is a Master that you need to apply with the kids in the Academy", said Salva. Salva was a professional player until 22 years of age, when he retired, played in the Spanish League Championship and worked as a coach in the Spanish Tennis National Centre.

'I discovered an unknown side of myself. I love teaching! I had the luck to be part of the project in the Academy since when it was just an idea and we are working. We work so that students can become professionals, or if they do not reach the next level, making them see that you have other paths.

It's a sports formation but also values.' Salva also praised Nadal: 'Any adjective needed to improve what he achieved is valid. Tennis-wise he is in his best years and only injuries could stop him. Someones, like the last one on the foot, in an unexpected way, which makes you tired a lot.

Rafa showed us how strong he is many times. Now he is learning to use his training hours - he does not need to do as many hours as before - his rest period, his eating regime...' Will we see the best Nadal again? 'He is there to win big titles, I have no doubts about it.

You only have to see him practising, the willing and the desire he shows every day.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title