Rafael Nadal says he feels better than 12 months ago

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Rafael Nadal says he feels better than 12 months ago

Rafael Nadal always stood out for his ability to come back after dealing with injuries and he wants to do it again this month at the Australian Open. Comparing the start of 2018 season, where he was dealing with a knee injury and now, Nadal said: 'It's a completely different situation.

Last year had been a very tough end of the year for me. I mean in 2017, I had to pull out from Paris and London, and I had a terrible offseason I didn't have the chance to practice almost not one day with good conditions with too many problems on the knees.

And this year was not the case. I had the surgery, but after the surgery, I was able to have some good weeks of practice. I have been positive. I feel my body better than last year. That's an accident that happened product of being out of the competition for a while.

I have to accept that. I have to be ready to understand that this kind of stuff happens when you're coming back from injuries. I have to accept and keep going. Of course, it's very tough for me to be here. As I said before, and especially for the tournament, especially for the fans, that this is the second year that they don't go to have the chance to watch me play here.

But no doubt that the person that is more affected and the person that suffers more in this situation is me. So very sorry to everybody. Thank you very much to all the tournament for understanding. Cam knows the situation since I arrived here and was all the time supporting and supporting the thing that I had to do.

And I know it's tough. But that's the sport. I am here. I tried my best until today. I wanted to play. I keep wanting to play. But will be against my physician and I cannot do mistakes.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title