Rafael Nadal: Fans' support makes me keep going in tough moments

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Rafael Nadal: Fans' support makes me keep going in tough moments

Rafael Nadal said he will not give up after suffering one more setback in Brisbane. Nadal loved all the support he gets in the tournament: 'Every time that I was practicing, the court is full. I enjoy that. I enjoy the interaction with the fans.

And at some point the support of all of them makes me keep going, even in tough moments. So I can't thank enough to all the people to support during all my career, especially the tough moments.' Nadal also added: 'I am practicing well.

Yeah. I had a good off season, as I said before. And I am playing well, good tennis. I feel myself ready and always it's tough when you have to go from a tournament, but especially if you feel yourself ready and playing well, and that was the case.' On the status of his injury, Nadal said, 'I did MRI a couple of days ago...

First of January, my personal doctor, Angel Ruiz-Cotorro, was 100 percent ready to see the images and everything, but he wanted to confer with another specialist about it... So I practiced, because my goal and my idea was to play all the time.

That's why I'm here, and for me you can't imagine how sad I am to be here in front of us having to announce that. But after analyzing everything, they say that it's a very small thing, but can become a big thing, because a strain in the muscle is dangerous.

When you increase the intensity on the muscle competing, then there is a big risk to make something bigger. And today it's not big. I feel better than four days ago. So the normal improvement is I will be practicing. Probably, I'm 100 percent in five days.

And then I have plenty of time to prepare Melbourne. But I never like to say I am pulling out of one tournament to prepare another. I say that in my tennis career. But there is a strain. It's not preparing for another event. But it's a waste to damage my body for one month if I keep playing here.

After all the things that happened to me, probably I am not ready to assume that that waste. It's not only missing Melbourne, but for me it's going to be something terrible. It's about staying for one more month without playing tennis, without doing the thing that I want to do and interrupting all the recovery and all the hard work that I did after the surgery.

So probably it's the safest decision possible.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title