Toni Nadal still plays major role on Rafael's career, says Thiem's coach

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Toni Nadal still plays major role on Rafael's career, says Thiem's coach

The Dominic Thiem's coach Gunter Bresnik was asked how the relationship between an uncle and a tennis player, in this case, Toni Nadal and the world No. 2 Rafael Nadal, can work. Bresnik has been working with Dominic Thiem for a lot of years.

'It makes a big difference if there is a familiar relationship or if the truth is based on a different relationship', Bresnik told Tennis Magazin. 'It would be even easier for me to trust my sister or brother rather than an external person.

Also, Nadal celebrated successes that for us are very far away to reach. This is largely thanks to Toni clearly. Even if now Rafa looks for external support in an advanced stage of his career, the agreements and the big confidence stay between him and Toni.

All the others are basically extra.' Asked if "super coaches" are coming to him to be given suggestions, Bresnik replied: 'I often speak with them. Ivan Lendl is a great coach for me, he leaves alone family and friends for months, depending mostly on his player's success.

My knowledge is about the experience with many kinds of players. In the past, players were training almost exclusively with their coach: today, a schedule without their hitting partner would be unthinkable. Super coaches are also an advertisement.

People know their names, they know that that person won Wimbledon or French Open this year or that year.' Two or three years ago when Becker, Edberg and other legends reunited at the Australian Open, the media's response was big.

'Right, that was good for the sport and for player's and they also spoke about it on social media which I do not like. Your success does not have to be about alike to a post or a photo.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title