I do not know how Rafael Nadal can deal with so many routines - Quinzi

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I do not know how Rafael Nadal can deal with so many routines - Quinzi

The 2013 Wimbledon junior champion Gianluigi Quinzi said he has not as many routines on court and off court as before. Speaking to Federtennis.it, Quinzi said: 'As a junior I had routines and superstitions, then little by little I got free of it because I could not do that anymore.

I do not really know how (Rafael) Nadal does it. The only routine I still have is to play a tournament with one shirt. Cleaning it in the evening, clearly.' Quinzi also added now he can play freely: 'Now I am one of the many on Tour, I do not feel myself in the spotlight, i am not obliged to win anymore.

Now I feel a dangerous player. In order to beat me, opponents need to really make an effort.' Looking at his career so far, Quinzi admitted he has some regrets: 'I definitely made some mistakes, for example in choosing some coaches and being unable to improve my game.

I switched a lot of coaches, I do not know exactly how many but more than ten. Unfortunately I got nervous and I saw all black. Coping with that was not easy. I felt with no motivations and I had thought about retiring from tennis.

I played the Francavilla Challenger after not training for two weeks, but they had given me a wild card and I accepted it.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title