Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray. Chris Evert makes comparison

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Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray. Chris Evert makes comparison

Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray have both dealt with physical issues in the last years and the 18-time Grand Slam winner Chris Evert believes this is also caused by their very intense game. In a conference call, asked about Murray's retirement, Evert said: 'I think it’s always a really sensitive issue, retirement is always sensitive, to ask a player, to ask us about a player retiring.

Andy Murray has been one of the best champions as far as hard work, good hard work ethics out there. I think what is hurting him, because to me when I watch him, I feel pain, I feel like I’m in pain when I watch him. I feel like it’s not the same Andy as two or three years ago.

I think he’ll know in the first three months of the year what his future plans are going to be. But it sure would help, he’s such a grinder, he wins by hitting a lot of balls, and that’s going to hurt him in the long run at the end of the day because he really wants to keep the rallies shorter.

He really wanting to be more aggressive. I think if he had a bigger serve, kept the rallies shorter, was more aggressive, I think that might make a difference. But his kind of game, it’s very much like Nadal, they’re grinders.

They have to work so hard to win a point. I think in the long run, that’s going to hurt him really as far as longevity is concerned.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title