Rafael Nadal eyes Australian Open title: 'I am playing well'

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Rafael Nadal eyes Australian Open title: 'I am playing well'

What Rafael Nadal will do once he retires from tennis? The Spaniard always said that he will keep playing until he can do it at the highest level, but he thinks about the future as well. The Mallorcan native said: "Life has great things, not only tennis, so it is something that doesn't scare me, to think about that day and that day is realistic.

The day that I feel that I don't have chances to compete for the things that make me happy will probably be the day to do another thing. I am here to try and play a very good tournament in Melbourne and I believe if I have this good week of practice and I am able to have a good start in the tournament, why not? I am playing well (enough to win)."

Nadal also commented on what his main activities will be when he ends his career: "I prepare my future, of course. I have my tennis academy, a foundation. I have different things around the world that I have to take care (of) in the future and of course I will not be the guy who finished a tennis career and am going to stay at home fishing and playing golf every day.

Of course I would like to do it more often than the last 20 years probably, but I like the work, the new experiences. I am a worker so I like to do those things." ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title