I learned a lot of things from Rafael Nadal, says coach Carlos Moya

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I learned a lot of things from Rafael Nadal, says coach Carlos Moya

In an interview to Ultima Hora, the former world No. 1 Carlos Moya commented on how he stays in good shape. The Spaniard retired from professional tennis at 34 years of age in 2010 due to injuries. Moya became Rafael Nadal's coach in the end of 2016.

'It's important to be active', Moya said. 'I play sports: bike, cardio sessions, strength exercises... It's not an obligation for me, I do it being willingness and I feel comfortable in doing it. I do not follow the diet too much, these days I do not say no to anything, but I like to care of myself and eat well.

As you get older it's tougher to stay fit, but I keep playing tennis on the senior tour in order to enjoy.' Moya knows a lot about how to be strong physically as a tennis player: 'In tennis there are a lot of secrets.

There is training, fitness preparation, nutrition etc. that makes you being at 100%. I learned a lot of things from Rafa Nadal, but not on how to stay fit after being 40 years old', laughed Moya. Speaking ahead of the Australian Open Ndal said: “I am here to try and play a very good tournament in Melbourne and I believe if I have this good week of practice and I am able to have a good start in the tournament, why not? I am playing well (enough to win)”.

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