Rafael Nadal: 'I am just a safe driver, and I have a lot of fun!'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I am just a safe driver, and I have a lot of fun!'

In an interview during an event held by Kia Motors earlier this week at the Australian Open, the 17-time Major winner Rafael Nadal commented on his partnership with the car brand with which he is connected by a contract until 2020.

'I always believed in a long relationship. Since the beginning of my career I always had the same team, and with Kia it's the same. We started the partnership in 2004 and today we are still together. I am very proud. I can't thank Kia enough for all the support and confidence that they give me', said Nadal speaking to the public.

Asked what kind of driver he is, Nadal replied: 'I am not a competitor but I am a safe driver. I really have a lot of fun driving the Sportage car.' Nadal also commented on his feelings ahead of the Australian Open: 'I am happy to be back in Melbourne and I am just practicing as good as I can.

Playing here is always an amazing motivation, I always had a great feeling with this event, great connection with the people, with the crowd. The tournament is just unbelievable. All the things that the tournament is doing is just fantastic for the fans, players, the promotion of our sport in general.

So everybody wants to play well here.' Nadal added: 'Is again another season, coming back from a tough period of time, but with highest motivation possible to start another season. Very excited to be back here in Melbourne, starting another one.

Yeah, of course is good news that I am here again – for me, I don't know for you (smiling). That's my feeling: happy to be here.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title