Alex De Minaur not focused on potential match against Rafael Nadal

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Alex De Minaur not focused on potential match against Rafael Nadal

Alex De Minaur always thinks match by match. At the Sydney International on Thursday the Australian player was asked if he looked at the Australian Open draw and at his possible third round match against the 17-time Grand Slam winner Rafael Nadal. "At the moment I'm still in Sydney, still in this tournament.

This tournament hasn't finished for me. Look, in a lot of tournaments, you can look ahead and eventually you'll play one of the big guys. But a lot has to go your way for you to get to there. So at the moment, I'm in Sydney.

I've got my semifinals. After that, we'll see what happens. But it's still ages away for me to even think about it", said De Minaur. For the 19-year-old, draws are not really important: "I don't know anything about draws or anything.

Look, I've just got to focus on doing the right things and looking after myself, listening to the great group of guys I've got around me and just keep doing what I'm doing, keep trying to improve every single day and getting out there and competing.

That's all I can ask from myself." De Minaur added: "I'm very proud where I am. Obviously coming in here was very different, a lot more expectations on me now. I feel like I have dealt with the situations really well, focusing on what I need to focus on, which is me going out there every single point and just competing.

I'm happy to be able to get the wins, as well." ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title