Rafael Nadal explains reasons behind new serve motion

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Rafael Nadal explains reasons behind new serve motion

Rafael Nadal started having a new serve motion in recent times, commencing from the Mubadala World Tennis Championship in Abu Dhabi where he lost to Kevin Anderson in a three-set match. Explaining why he now has a new way to serve, Nadal said: "There is always things to improve.

Is true that I try to improve during all my career all the things. The serve was always a thing that I tried to improve, and I think I did. Maybe was the time to try to make one more step, no? That's what we are trying. I happy with it.

I happy with the motivation to do something new. I happy with the fact that, if I am able to make that happen in a good way, that hopefully will give me the chance to help me on my game a longer term. That's all. I didn't compete with this new serve, so let's see how it works.

I am confident it's going to work well." On Andy Murray's character, Nadal added: "He has a good fighting spirit. He is a hard worker. It's not nice to finish like this because is great that you finish when you want to finish, not because of another thing.

Overall, when he puts everything on the balance, will be that the positive things of the balance are much heavier than the negative things, even if in the end is not probably the way that he dreamed about. But you can't manage that."

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