Kevin Anderson explains how Frances Tiafoe can beat Rafael Nadal

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Kevin Anderson explains how Frances Tiafoe can beat Rafael Nadal

On a column for SuperSport the world No. 6 Kevin Anderson commented on the upcoming match between Rafael Nadal and Frances Tiafoe at the Australian Open. Anderson lost to the American in the second round and he did not look great physically as he dealt with a elbow issue.

'I felt Frances played a really good match against me, and he has since been able to back up his level of play and catapult himself into his first Major quarterfinal', wrote Anderson. 'He has a tough next match against one of the all-time greats in Rafael Nadal.

In order to keep progressing through the tournament, I think Frances will have to find a way to feel comfortable in the situations that lie ahead. His next opponent has appeared in over 30 Grand Slam quarterfinals and, as such, has heaps of experience to rely upon.

I can speak from experience when I say that it can certainly be intimidating to play on such a big stage, with such high stakes, against a far more seasoned opponent. However, it will be really exciting to see if the young American can rise to the occasion.'

Nadal and Anderson faced each other five times on the professional tour and Kevin only won a set overall, in the 2015 Paris Masters quarter-finals. ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: Worse players than David Ferrer won a Grand Slam title