Rafael Nadal explains why he is wearing sleeveless shirts again

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Rafael Nadal explains why he is wearing sleeveless shirts again

During his on-court interview with John McEnroe at the Australian Open, Rafael Nadal explained why he is back to wear sleeveless shirts. Nadal used to regularly wear them until 2008. “I have small issues when I’m playing in very hot conditions when I hit my forehand, so I like to play without the sleeves.

It makes me feel younger again", said Nadal. Stefanos Tsitsipas looked disappointed after the match. What does Nadal think about it? 'That's part of the game. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. He's young. I lost enough times to know that.

Everybody needs to go through that experience. Everybody needs to live this experience. When you go on court, you know you can win and you can lose, that's it. That's this sport. Every week there is only one winner, and the rest, everybody loses.

When you play this sport, you have to know that. Of course, when you lose is normal that you are down. Tonight I played so well. He played a great event. First semifinals for him. He's young. He has everything to become a great champion.

There are no many reasons to be down when you started the season like this, in my opinion, even if is normal just straight after the match you can't be happy. He had a great start of the season.' ALSO READ: Djokovic would beat Roger Federer in Australian Open final - Evert