Kim Clijsters: 'Novak Djokovic found a way to compete against Rafael Nadal'

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Kim Clijsters: 'Novak Djokovic found a way to compete against Rafael Nadal'

The four-time Grand Slam winner Kim Clijsters believes that Novak Djokovic is the favourite to win the Australian Open final over Rafael Nadal. Speaking to reporters on Saturday, the former Belgian player said: "I think Novak's found a way to compete against Rafa, to be patient, defend well but be aggressive at the same time.

I think he's really good at kind of taking over when he's on the defensive side of a situation. He can take over really well. To me, it will be impressive to see." Mats Wilander believes that Rafael Nadal needs to keep having an offensive gamestyle to defeat Novak Djokovic in the Australian Open final on Sunday.

The Spaniard won 15 sets over 15 played in the tournament so far always dictating the rallies. The Swede said: "It's the same as what happened here in 2017, in a way. Roger had to do something different, now Rafa has to do something.

If he serves the way he can, I believe he can win but then watching Novak the last couple of rounds, no one defends as he does. I think this is a match that's at a different level from what they've ever played. Much better."

Thomas Johansson said: "Yes, a little bit maybe, but these two guys are two of the biggest and best players in the history of our sport, I think they don't think like that. I think they think it's a new match, it's a new day, new opportunities.

I think it's going to be a very high-level match. I think they might go the whole way and that's what the crowd would like to see." ALSO READ: Djokovic would beat Roger Federer in Australian Open final - Evert