'One of my best days in life' Soderling recalls 2009 win over Rafael Nadal

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'One of my best days in life'  Soderling recalls 2009 win over Rafael Nadal

In an interview to Fede Col Tenis the former world No. 4 Robin Soderling recalled his 2009 French Open fourth round win over the 11-time tournament champion Rafael Nadal. 'Without any doubt, it was one of my most special days in life', said Soderling. 'I remember that I was very focused before that match.

Everyone knew that I would win, that I was the only one who needed to believe tbat I could win and it made myself visualize as the favorite in the previous days.' On his struggles due to mononucleosis, Soderling added: 'I fought for many years, but as soon as I started feeling better and I made a physical effort again, all the symptoms came back.

To be honest, I had to rest for many years, and I still have to be careful about not stressing myself out. Now I can read my body and the signals that it sends me in order to avoid that it happens again.' Asked if he ever had the chance to visit Colombia, Soderling replied: 'Not yet, but I would really love to go there.

I listened to a lot of very good things about the country. I hope to launch my RS tennis brand in Colombia and I would love to be there for the launch. I am the first professional player that started producing tennis balls and strings.

The strings and balls are available in more than 50 countries and we got great comments on strings and balls. We played six ATP tournaments with the ball and the company went growing in a very fast way. I am open to any invitation.'

'I think that the Davis Cup lost its soul and historical meaning: playing at home, in front of your crowd and facing the challenge of playing far away. Without a doubt, I understand that the ITF needed to change some things, although I'd have preferred to keep the home and away format for the World Group ties.'

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