Shot clock is helping Rafael Nadal to play better, says John McEnroe

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Shot clock is helping Rafael Nadal to play better, says John McEnroe

Many people were very interested in how Rafael Nadal would do with the enforcement of the shot clock. The Spaniard first played with it at the 2018 Rogers Cup in Montreal and then he went forward in many other tournaments, without losing too much time.

Speaking on Eurosport, the seven-time Grand Slam winner John McEnroe said: 'I think Nadal is playing better because of it. We all thought he'd struggle because he goes over so often but it forced him to sort of take a look out of the corner of his eye.

Be aware of it, and it has helped him to be quicker.' Mats Wilander agreed: 'He is much faster and I think there should be also a return clock because sometimes, even against Frances Tiafoe, he was like: "Sorry, I am not ready."

' Wilander then asked a question: 'To me, if you have a shot clock you should have 25 seconds to hit the ball but is it the start of your motion, is it when you throw (up) the (ball) toss. Do you know the answer to that?' Boris Becker said, 'I believe it's when you start your service motion.

If you are Djokovic you might bounce your ball 15 times and once part your service motion, so that's the point you make. On the other hand I have never seen a doll when quicker, not because it was always straight sets, it's because he is aware he takes his time, he doesn't want to get a warning because of slow play, he actually gets going on the surf much quicker than I have ever seen him.'

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