Rafael Nadal: 'I was not prepared physically to face Novak Djokovic'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I was not prepared physically to face Novak Djokovic'

In an interview to Banco Sabadell Rafael Nadal commented on his recent Australian Open final loss to Novak Djokovic. The match was much different than the one played in 2012 when the Serb had prevailed after almost six hours.

Djokovic won this year as well, but with a less closer result. 'Being honest, the personal satisfaction is that I could have not given anything more', Nadal said recalling the championship clash played seven years ago.

'But if I think about the future, it's better to lose like this (straight sets) because otherwise my body would not cope with it. I came into the final this year without a B plan. I wasn't prepared physically, and it did not come in the best moment.

So I was not satisfied. But the achievement was something unexpected after difficult months. I won six matches playing as aggressive as ever. Djokovic was better and when it happens you have to congratulate him, shake his hands and keep working."

The Mallorcan always stood out for his sportsmanship: 'I had a lot of doubts in my life, which is good because it means you are open and you do not feel above. This allows me to be better and better." On his 11 French Open crowns, Nadal added: "It's not normal because it was not done before.

But I feel a normal person, I think that if I did it, someone other will come and will do. It would be nice." He concluded: "Tennis is an important part in my life, but one of the keys of my success was that I could enjoy all the things that a young guy needs to enjoy."