Rafael Nadal: 'I plan to play 2019 Davis Cup, 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I plan to play 2019 Davis Cup, 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games'

In an interview held by Banco Sabadell on Thursday, Rafael Nadal said he plans to play both Davis Cup this year in November and the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. Speaking on Davis Cup, where a new format is being introduced, the 32-year-old said: "It's eight months left, but my desire is to be there.

It's a new event and you have to give it an opportunity. I loved the previous Davis Cup but it did not suit the new times. With that format, the best players in the world did not usually compete, which is bad. From there you tried changes, we will see over the time if they are right or not."

About Roger Federer not playing as Switzerland lost to Russia in the qualifying stage and Novak Djokovic missing the event, Nadal said: "The guys who will be there will be there, I do not know who will play it. There is a clear thing.

The oldest guys like Murray, Federer and Djokovic may plan their schedule but then things happen and you have to take decisions." On his next appearance at the Olympics, Nadal added: "I missed the London Games due to knee issues but I enjoyed the ones in Beijing and Rio.

And I know that the Tokyo ones will be amazing, so I will try to be there." He added: "I was playing great during both weeks. I practised well, very well I think, but because of the things that happened to me in terms of surgery, then what happened in Abu Dhabi, I was not able to work that much the defensive game."