Rafael Nadal to win 2019 French Open even if there is Djokovic - Expert

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Rafael Nadal to win 2019 French Open even if there is Djokovic - Expert

Tennis expert Matt Roberts believes Rafael Nadal is the favorite to win this year's French Open over Novak Djokovic. The Serb looked in a stunning form at the Australian Open dominating the Spaniard in the final, but in the next Grand Slam it might be a different story.

"He's a different player on clay, he's had one injury on clay which was the year Djokovic won Roland- Garros [2016]", said Roberts on the Spaniard. "Nadal's performance in the last two years at Roland-Garros and the way he's playing generally make me think he's going to be in tip-top condition, I think he wins there even against Djokovic.'

On Nadal's performance against Djokovic in the Australian Open final, the fellow expert Catherine Whitaker: "There were shots that would probably would have been winner either way because they were brilliant from Djokovic.

But he wasn't even trying to run for them. l couldn't see any evidence of any specific injury, l can't believe there wasn't something." David Law instead disagreed with Roberts: "I struggle to see how Djokovic, at the rate he's going doesn't chase them all down."

Catherine Whitaker concluded: "I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm playing devil's advocate here, we all thought that three years ago. Things change very quickly."