Rafael Nadal shares main key behind his French Open success

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Rafael Nadal shares main key behind his French Open success

In a recent interview to Banco Sabadell Rafael Nadal explained the main key behind his French Open success. The Spanish player won 11 titles in the tournament and he will seek his 12th in May. For Nadal, luck plays a huge role.

"It's difficult because that is given by many factors. In Australia I hurt five times in my career but at the French Open just once. All the rest went as better as possible. It's important that in these two weeks you are perfect and that you do it for many years", the world No.

2 said. Nadal also assessed his Australian Open run that ended in the final against Novak Djokovic: 'I was the second best player in a 128-player draw and I was coming off from a complicated time. I did not have chances during the match, I felt that I could not play my tennis but you have to recognize your opponent was above.

However, I think I can keep competing at a high level. I was not prepared to play for six hours. I think that within a few months I will be but not my body cannot. It's important to take the positives, appreciate what we have and working, in my case, to what as a kid it was my hobby.

The nature gave me chance to do what I love and then being surrounded by the right people to come there." Nadal has withdrawn from a lot of tournaments over the years, and he explained why: "In tennis it's complicated to speak about the schedule.

In football you know the matches you will play but in tennis you cannot predict what will happen. The calendar evolves depending on what you need. Now I only want to be well prepared ahead of Acapulco Indian Wells, that I could not play last year."