Close source to Rafael Nadal confirms wedding with girlfriend

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Close source to Rafael Nadal confirms wedding with girlfriend

A close source to Rafael Nadal confirmed that the Spanish player will get married with his longtime girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello this fall. The news was first revealed by the Hola magazine earlier this month and Nadal was very angry hearing about the news.

Speaking to Lecturas, the person said: "A lot of people knew about the wedding, what's strange is that you did not learn about it before..." The source also praised Nadal: "He never speaks about it, keeps being the same easy guy that I first met 20 years ago...

The other day I was eating with him and he got up to take selfies with everyone who was approaching the table. We were like, Stop doing it, and he laughed, he is the most educated and responsible guy in the world." Not even his uncle Miguel Angel Nadal knew it.

Just six people had learned about the news. "He closes his family group even more and he is very bothered that the news, which was known just by fewer people, was made public", said Miguel Angel, a former football player.

"He is obsessed by all what surrounds him and he loves controlling things he is involved in. His career, affairs and obviously his personal life." Nadal praised the opening of a new tennis centre named after him in Costa Mujeres, Mexico: “I think the formula offers the perfect combination between lounging at the beach on vacation and just the right amount of tennis for various levels. I think it’s going to be a hit, a real revolution."