No one goes through bad moments like Rafael Nadal does, says coach

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No one goes through bad moments like Rafael Nadal does, says coach

In an interview to La Tercera, Rafael Nadal's coach Carlos Moya praised the 17-time Major winner's mental strength. "I was able to know Rafa insider, I see his willingness in improving and the intensity he puts in the training sessions", said Moya.

"His sacrifice spirit is unbelievable, he doesn't give balls for lost. The way he goes through bad moments is something I never saw before. There is not a thing like this." Stefanos Tsitsipas said that Nadal has the talent to make the opponent play badly.

"Yeah, and that's an underestimated quality that not many players have. It's true that Rafa has the advantage to make the opponent feel uncomfortable by far, for his game. (Andy) Murray had it as well." How much does working with a friend help? "It's important to have the confidence to say the things each other being honest.

Knowing his camp so well for years, and him as a person, added a lot to our coach-player relationship.' Asked about how he sees his career as a coach once Nadal retires from tennis, Moya, who previously worked with Milos Raonic, said: "I do not know.

It's difficult to live the same things I am living these days with him. It will be complicated." Nadal and Moya are travelling to Mexico to open a new tennis centre on Monday in Cancun. They will stay there for a few days, then they will move to Acapulco to play the Mexican Open