Toni Nadal shares the only time Rafael threw a racket on tennis court

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Toni Nadal shares the only time Rafael threw a racket on tennis court

In an interview to Bein Sports the Rafael Nadal's uncle and former coach, Toni, commented on his great nephew's education and character. "He never threw a racket because I cannot understand it", said Toni.

"Only once at the French Open he threw a racket on his shoe and it got broken because on the shoe there was something metal. For me it's a lack of respect for the world, for people who cannot buy it. I always thought that Rafael would not be an example for the society but a bad example either."

Toni never took money from Rafael, which was the key to be fully honest: "When you earn a lot, in the end you are a little sold, and you end up saying what the player wants to listen and I do not like." For Toni, keeping things simple is the key: "Now people use to do complicated things but I asked myself: "What is needed to be a good player? And what Rafa's abilities?" So I tried to combine it", said Toni.

"In tennis I always thought that if your opponent is on the right side, hit on the lefty, if you miss the forehand, practice the forehand, if you can hit stronger, just hit. What was right to us back in the days, is not useful anymore as the world changes and so does opponents, materials.

You have to be careful without forgetting what was essential to you. That happened to us. When we lost sometimes, we tried to look for a solution that did not exist.