Davis Cup success does not depend on Rafael Nadal, says ITF Chief

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Davis Cup success does not depend on Rafael Nadal, says ITF Chief

In an interview to AS the ITF President David Haggerty said that the Davis Cup success depends on Rafael Nadal's appearance. "I think you will have a lot of more important players like (Kei) Nishikori and others of a similar level who said they were elegible for their captains", said Haggerty.

He added: "The first thing we want to do is to improve the competition and make it easier for players. Switching it from four to two weeks. Now they know when and where they will play, on what surface... In the past countries had only four or eight weeks to organize the following tie.

Having a great event in just one venue and a real venue will help them a lot. And the main benefit is that the resources that it will generate for the members will guarantee the future generations. They will be able to invest on junior tournaments, on the professional tour and on its own players at an early age."

On Gerard Pique, Haggerty concluded: "The first conversation was good because I immediately understood his passion for tennis. He is a great fan of our sport and he also understands the federations. He knows football and he understands our world and what we want to do.

It was a very good meeting on how we can work together to strengthen the Davis." The general manager Luis Cueto said: “This is the result of a lot of dreams and ambitions. Tennis is a sport of respect and people will always remember that the Davis Cup Finals began in Madrid.

We want to share the culture of Madrid of coexistence, sustainability and respect to everyone. La Caja Magica will become even more magical."