Rafael Nadal set to celebrate bachelor party before wedding - Full details

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Rafael Nadal set to celebrate bachelor party before wedding - Full details

More buzz is raising around Rafael Nadal's wedding with his long-time girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello. They will get married this fall, but there have been a lot of preparations prior to that and in the next months Nadal is set to celebrate his bachelor party through two stages: a trip in Cercena, Spain, and another to the United States that will have its final step in Las Vegas.

The Mallorcan is a close sea lover and he reportedly picked Cerdena as the environment of his official "farewell" with friends. They will spend most of the time at the sea and in Costa Esmeralda, the northern part of the Island and the most exclusive one.

Probably, Nadal will allow a photographer to take some moments of their travel. He will instead go to the United States with his closest friends. He will first visit Ruta going to Chicago, Los Angeles by an auto caravan and ending up in Las Vegas.

Serena Williams is always very active off the court. In February the American did not have too many activities, mostly featuring in a Super Bowl ad. But she plans to have some busy weeks in the short term future, not only in tennis as she plans to compete in Indian Wells and Miami, but also off-court presenting about A Star Is Born during the Oscars in Los Angeles on 24 February.

A Star Is Born is a film directed by Bradley Cooper's and Lady Gaga. Williams will share her thoughts on the movie.

The lead producer Donna Gigliotti said: "Along with inclusion, which we definitely want to embrace, the big theme of the show is about movies connecting us, not in this theatre but in a big, sweeping, cultural way."