Becker says playing Rafa Nadal at RG will be most difficult for Djokovic

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Becker says playing Rafa Nadal at RG will be most difficult for Djokovic

In a conference call at the Laureus Sports Awards in Monte Carlo, the six-time Major winner Boris Becker previewed a potential match between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic at the French Open. "Playing Nadal at the French is the most difficult match you can ever face," said Becker.

"Novak has done it a few times, he has beaten him one time on the year, he then won a Grand Slam, and that's going to be the match. The way rankings are, I think it's one and two, the earliest it can be is in the final.

I mean, what a match. Who wouldn't want to watch that match? History will be re-written, but there is a lot of tennis to be played until then. Players are going to the hard courts in America and on the clay in Europe so hopefully nobody gets injured.

They keep the momentum, they play enough but not too much. So the French Open should be amazing high." Becker also made a prediction for the UEFA Champions League match between Liverpool and Bayern Munich: "For Bayern, it's probably the toughest draw to start at Anfield.

They haven't had the greatest of the seasons at the moment. They have a new coach who has never coached in the Champions League. So all that is new and on the other side, you have Liverpool. They have played the season of their life, they have Jurgen Klopp, a friend of mine and I am a big supporter of him and a great match." The soccer match ended in a goalless draw.