I suffered a wrist issue before Acapulco tournament, says Rafael Nadal

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I suffered a wrist issue before Acapulco tournament, says Rafael Nadal

In a conference call on Monday in Acapulco, Rafael Nadal revealed he has been suffering a hand injury for a few days. In 2018 the Spaniard was forced to withdraw from the Mexican tournament and he did not feel very good physically.

"Last year I played a very few tournaments, I took a break. This year I am trying to enjoy both matches and training sessions looking to have a longer career as much as possible, finding new ways to take breaks. Now we are in 2019 and since 2005 I have always been on the top 10 rankings.

But it happens things that you cannot take the control of, I trained all days in Cozumel prior to this tournament but I did a bad movement with my wrist and I was not able to practice for some days. Today (Monday) it was the first day that I could practice since when I reached Acapulco.

I am happy for having had a good practice and I am prepared to play on Tuesday, I hope the crowd's energy will help me finding the level I could not find in the training sessions", said Nadal. He also commented on this year's Australian Open final loss to Novak Djokovic: "It was not a very hard loss mentally, as I was coming from four months where I could not compete so the tournament was good on almost all the aspects, but I am happy to be back to Acapulco and I am ready for Tuesday's match." Nadal will play the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells next.