Toni Nadal: Rafael is totally right about Nick Kyrgios

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Toni Nadal: Rafael is totally right about Nick Kyrgios

In an interview to Radio Marca, Toni Nadal commented on his nephew Rafael's statements about Nick Kyrgios after their second-round match in Acapulco. The Spaniard lost in the third set tie-break and in the post-match press conference, he said that Kyrgios was not respectful towards the crowd, himself and the opponent.

"Rafa is totally right," agreed Toni. "He (Kyrgios) lacks education and smartness. He should be fighting for the top-rankings and instead, he is no. 40. He does not look like a bad guy but he has been disrespectful too many times to get back on track."

In an interview to RSN Radio on Monday, the former Australian player Sam Groth commented on Nick Kyrgios' controversial win over Rafael Nadal at the Mexican Open in Acapulco. Kyrgios was described as "disrespectful" by the Spaniard.

“I don’t think Rafa really likes Nick very much", said Groth. "Nick burst onto the scene beating Rafa at Wimbledon so I think there’s probably been something there from day one. To be honest, they’re 3-3 head-to-head now and I don’t think there are too many guys in the world Nadal would have a 50-50 record against.

He probably just doesn’t like it very much”. Groth thinks Kyrgios is good for tennis: "You need guys like Nick to behave like they do and be a little bit of a villain. He puts bums on seats. Every tournament wants him there because he’s unpredictable and he’s an entertainer."