Rafael Nadal: 'Me, Roger Federer, Djokovic always respected each other'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Me, Roger Federer, Djokovic always respected each other'

Speaking to the reporters, Rafael Nadal clarified his post loss quotes about Nick Kyrgios. The Spaniard had said that the Australian is disrespectful towards the opponent, the crowd and himself. Nadal clarified: "What I said, first of all, is that Nick is a good guy, he has such an amazing talent that he should fight for the top ranking positions and the biggest titles.

I also said that for me he has to learn respecting his opponent, the crowd and himself because he often speaks too much saying he doesn't like the sport. But in the end, you earn a living by playing tennis. Honestly, all what I said was not that important.

Everyone is free to do what they want but Nick has an impact on the younger generations. He is popular. I think we need to show good values to kids who watch us on TV. I think that Roger (Federer), Novak (Djokovic) and I always respected each other; we respected the opponents, the game, the crowd and I think we are good examples, that's all.

That's my feeling. But I never said anything bad about Nick." In an interview Serena Williams commented on how women are treated differently than men: ‘Not surprisingly, nearly one in three women say they feel that they have to hide their emotions at work to be taken seriously,’ she continued.

‘This double standard is seen in the board room and on the tennis court. Women are deemed “emotional,” “hysterical,” or “aggressive” while men who behave the same way face no such consequences.

They are perceived in a completely different light. This is a huge barrier women face each and every day and we need to continue calling out these stereotypes and behaviours to make true progress."