Toni Nadal shares the reason behind his split with Rafael Nadal

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Toni Nadal shares the reason behind his split with Rafael Nadal

In a recent interview, Rafael Nadal's uncle, Toni, commented on when in 2017 he decided to split with his nephew in order to focus on his job as head director at the Academy. "The job with Rafael is pretty done. I believe a lot in the training in any environment.

If a kid is well shaped, the ability to join several environments is relatively easy. And like always Rafael looked like a well shaped guy to me, I understood that the work was done. Then every coach brings something. The addition of Carlos Moya and Francis Roig was important", said Toni.

Everything can be trained for the 58-year-old: "I think that everything or almost everything can be improved or has a margin for improvements. This is the view I had with Rafael. Everything can be trained and this is what I try to bring when I have the opportunity to chat with one or other.

Not everyone can be a Pau Gasol or Rafael Nadal, not everyone can be great. But I believe that everyone can be better than he is, always. I do not understand that in life you can keep doing the same both in a good and bad way."

"They encouraged me to give a speech. But I do not think about dogmatic topics. I will speak about my experience over all these years. This is what I tried giving during my whole life. I almost never speak of complicated matters.

I know how I did or tried it. Other people do other things and they would have probably done them better than me. I do not want to give lessons to anyone."