Rafael Nadal could miss Miami and Madrid!

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Rafael Nadal could miss Miami and Madrid!

In an interview to ABC, Rafael Nadal commented on his schedule for the upcoming weeks and months. The Spanish player may miss both the Miami and Madrid Open, in order to stay fit. Nadal also did not confirm he will commit to the ATP Queen's where he has withdrawn for three years in a row.

"Now I am in Acapulco and my priority is to be healthy. Now, if I make you a safe calendar, and I have no setbacks, in my mind, there are at 100% Indian Wells, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Rome and French Open. This is what I have on my calendar, like I say, at 100% for the logic of weeks.

Then it will depend on the results and physical feelings..." He will turn 33 years old in June. Does he notice it? "I do not notice it on a daily basis, not too much. What's the truth is that when you go analyzing the things that go on, you realize that you had more problems than the ones you wanted.

The last year, without going too far. You have moments where, when you go through so many things, you get tired. But luckily I keep the excitement alive, I keep the desire to go training and I enjoy a lot. Especially when I am doing well, clear."

Can the mental strength be above the body? "It depends. If the body does not let the mind act, you cannot do more. In some ways that's true. The mind helps you coming back with energy and willingness and keep the excitement.

I worked on it a lot as a kid, now I do not. Everyone works their mind on a daily basis. I think that you have time for everything in life. But I train and then I do things I want to, without forgetting the first one."