Rafael Nadal: 'Speculation is what hurts me the most about wedding rumours'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Speculation is what hurts me the most about wedding rumours'

In an interview to ABC, Rafael Nadal commented on two of the most popular news about him in recent times. In October last year, the 17-time Grand Slam winner helped with the cleanup operations in Mallorca floods, while in February the Hola Magazine revealed that the Spaniard is set to get married to his long-time girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello this fall.

"What I do not like is the circus", said Nadal. "When you join this environment a lot of lies are said. About Mallorca: it's difficult to speak about it because that was a complicated time for all of us. People do not have any idea, but I have half of my family there, my family from my mother's side is from that place (Sant Llorenç).

I just went there helping a little bit and to see how the things would do. I was with my friends there, I was not going to look for anything at all because it's clear I do not need it. Just helping, with my lifetime friends.

Then they make stories and I just do my own like any other. What happens is that that was done by me, I am a public person, but I did not do anything more than any of my friends. Simple as that. All the rest is a circus. About the wedding: I never confirmed or spoke about it.

But what hurts me the most is that you speculate, you make opinions. In the end, people freely make opinions and they say stupid things. Where I get married if you have a bachelor party in one place or the other. You have just a very few things that are sure!

You know you are open to it, but I always wanted to get the headlines for what I did on a tennis court. In my private life, I tried having a calm life, as both I and my partner wanted. This is our way to achieve happiness."