Rafael Nadal: 'I do not think about tennis all the time'

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Rafael Nadal: 'I do not think about tennis all the time'

In an interview with ABC, Rafael Nadal commented on his life, that is not just about his work, tennis. "Obviously I think about tennis, I think about it during a lot of times in my day. I think about what I did wrong, what I did well, why one thing went well and the other did not...

But I am not obsessive about tennis and I never was. What happens is that I always had a big desire to work and be a better tennis player. When you have the determination to make both things happen, you think about that a lot of times."

Nadal also commented on his character: "I get angry less. Do you know what happens? If I get angry it's per now and it goes away very quickly. I like less to discuss. If it's not for a total need, I try avoiding the problems.

People say that when you have a problem you have to face it, and I say that if you can avoid it, it may be better. Avoiding the confrontation. You have several things that you can solve just like this (by discussing) but other things are not that important.

Life is much nicer if you do not have to face these issues. I followed the whole topic in Catalunya and it comes a given moment where you do not understand that you get arguing so much. You need to discuss in any way and you have different opinions to improve things, without a doubt, but I do not like to criticize too much.

I am a normal and coherent person, a human person, I am not just a tennis player. Above all, I am one more Spanish citizen. And the things that happen to us interest and worry me, like everyone."