Rafael Nadal's girlfriend explains why she rarely gives interviews

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Rafael Nadal's girlfriend explains why she rarely gives interviews

Maria Francisca Perello, Rafael Nadal's girlfriend, almost never releases interviews. Last year she made an exception exclusively speaking to Tennis World USA about their projects with the Foundation named after the 17-time Grand Slam champion.

Now in an interview to Onda Cero, Perello explained why she rarely speaks to reporters. They reportedly will get married this fall but they did not confirm anything. "We always opted for the balance because we'd rather work and get a result than first explaining what we are doing, but it's a time to make people know about the people we are developing", said Perello.

On the floods victims caused by the rain in October last year in Manacor, with Nadal helping with the clean-up operation, Perello said: "For the Mallorcans that was a tragedy and a lot of people came and a lot of solidarity was done through this situation."

About their Foundation, she added: "The goal is more ambitious than tennis. When we created the Foundation we thought that the sport would be a key aspect, but not in terms of high competition but giving positive values.

We believe that the sport can change you like it was proved, but the education too and combining these two aspects you create very important weapons for poor people."