2008 Wimbledon win was Rafael Nadal's career highlight, says uncle Toni

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2008 Wimbledon win was Rafael Nadal's career highlight, says uncle Toni

In an interview with El Mundo, Rafael Nadal's uncle Toni picked the highlight of his co-operation with Rafael. "You had a lot of happy moments, but if I had to pick one was the maiden Wimbledon title", said Toni, who worked with Rafael until the end of 2017.

"Then the first Roland Garros and the first Monte Carlo were very special too. As for the bad moments, you definitely had very painful losses. The Soderling one in Paris was one of them. The Australian Open final against Djokovic."

On how kids get educated at the Rafa Nadal Academy, Toni added: "We set some rules and who does not get along with it, whatever he is good on the court, cannot play the tournaments. This is important because it's obvious that not all the kids of the Academy will be able to turn tennis professionals and because, like I was saying in the beginning, our philosophy is to teach them to overcome the difficulties of the life, not make it easy.

The technology doesn't help either. In a world where everything needs to be immediate you have no room for perseverance, and without an effort, it's very difficult to achieve success." Did Toni ever think of joining politics? "Many years ago, in Manacor, a friend of mine led a little local party.

I have a problem in heading into politics, which is that I am very critical. So accepting things without being able to discuss them would be difficult."