Rafael Nadal can stay at the top for a couple more years, says uncle Toni

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Rafael Nadal can stay at the top for a couple more years, says uncle Toni

In an interview to El Mundo, Rafael Nadal's uncle, Toni, commented on how the coaching team has been for the 17-time Grand Slam winner since when they split each other. "He was always in good hands. His team and camp are excellent", said Toni.

"Carlos (Moya) is someone who, like Francis Roig, has a friendship with Rafa because they appreciate each other. It's something very important. Until when? I do not know, but I hope thar he stays at the top for a couple more years.

With injuries, you never know, but until he keeps the excitement and he sees himself with chances to win, he will continue among the best." Asked what makes kids have a hard work ethic, Toni replied: "It depends on how they got prepared for the life.

Protecting kids too many prejudices you because they get used to motivate themselves alone for what they like. At the Academy, we see cases like this and you realize that the is age is not an important factor. You can a 12-year-old kid totally committed and another of 18 who struggles a lot.

Rafa grew with his uncle Miguel Angel's success and as a kid, he showed great conditions to be a footballer. He liked football more, but he won important titles in tennis since when he was a kid. Education is about giving concepts, but I believe that the shape of the character is more important.

It helps you solve the problems of life. If you make the job easier to the kid, he will barely improve. You have to prepare them to solve their problems on their own. Powering the job of who educates and supporting them to improve the system is the key."