Spanish tennis will suffer after Rafa Nadal's retirement: Former player

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Spanish tennis will suffer after Rafa Nadal's retirement: Former player

In an interview to Punto de Break, former world no. 68 Daniel Munoz de La Nava commented on what Spanish tennis will look like once the 17-time Grand Slam winner Rafael Nadal retired from the professional tour. "I think we will suffer: schools, tennis clubs, tournaments organizers, etc.

There will be a big void because it's difficult to achieve what Rafa Nadal did, from all aspects. It's something unrepeatable. It will be a complicated time," said de La Nava. De La Nava also commented on the differences between the top players and lower-ranked players: "With top players, you have predictable interviews, people already know the answers.

The ones given by the second or third tier players may be more connected to real life." On the role media played in tennis, De La Nava concluded: "In the end, the press lives from what it sells and what it sells is not always the most important thing.

I remember the era of the great Felix Mantilla, for example. Felix was a former top 10 player and had to go to Australia to work. That's incredible. People are only focused on who is at the top of everything. Major coverage of all the Spanish players is missing, both in terms of television and press."

The 37-year-old Madrid native, however, said that websites were doing a good job of presenting better and wider coverage of the sport. Recently, the media is trying to find out more details about the sacking of Chris Kermode as the CEO of the ATP.