Toni Nadal reveals why Rafael cheers for Real Madrid, not FC Barcelona

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Toni Nadal reveals why Rafael cheers for Real Madrid, not FC Barcelona

In an interview to Tennis Italiano Rafael Nadal's uncle, Toni explained why the 32-year-old cheers for Real Madrid instead of Barcelona. "His father cheers for Real Madrid, apart the time when our son Miguel Angel was playing for FC Barcelona.

I have always been a Barca fan. However, Rafael is a close football fan but he understands it less and he does not want to admit that Messi and Barcelona are stronger", Toni smiled. The 58-year-old also criticized the modern tennis: "Slower, softer balls and they should oblige to hit more shots near the net: so you would have more plans, more solution, more game tactics.

If you want to hit a winner, you have to hit a shorter ball and go to the net because you cannot a very strong serve or forehand again. And I say it against Rafael's interests because softer balls would not favour his topspin, while Federer, through his technique, would still be able to hit winners.

Otherwise, how can a fan enjoy himself watching tennis? And a 35-year-old guy who wants to learn, how can he do it as the game goes faster? No ad rule may help. You should be like: What kind of tennis do I want to see? Depending on the answer, I change rules.

And instead, you do the contrary. I like tennis when there is a thought behind it. In European countries not that many people play tennis because it's a too fast sport and less funny, just because the rally ends soon."