Rafael Nadal: 'Nobody came to explain to me why Chris Kermode is ousted'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Nobody came to explain to me why Chris Kermode is ousted'

"I can't say much about this, because as you know, I am outside of the politics and I'm honest. Nobody came to me to explain why this stuff happened. At the same time, I can say nothing, because I decided to be outside of politics.

But at the same time, of course, I am disappointed that nobody came and explained why, what's the real reason we don't have Chris continuing running our sport. But is true that probably somebody has different plans for our sport, but is true that the guys who are in the council, at the end of the day, represent the rest of the players.

They don't represent their opinions only. Normally, they have to ask the players about what they think to make a crucial decision like this one, and I hope that they did with the rest of the players. If they did it, is great.

It was not my case. That's all. Maybe I was.. and I have my phone with me. So nobody texted me to speak about or to ask me about what's my thoughts about that decision. But that's what happened. So if a lot of players says this, I don't know because, as I say, I'm not in politics.

So probably the guys who are running the council, they didn't do the right job, because when they are there is they representing us, so normally they have to ask what's our opinion. Not in every small decision, but big decisions, probably, yes.

In my opinion, this one was a big decision. But that's it. I want the best for my sport, of course. We need to move forward. Let's see. Of course, even if they don't inform me about this situation, I will be happy to know where the sport is going.

Not zero for personal interest, but yes, because I believe that after 17 or 18 years around this sport probably I have a good perspective of the things that can work well, other things that don't work that well. I will be happy to heard why that happened, and of course what's going on now."