Rafael Nadal: 'Larry Ellison brought Indian Wells to the next level'

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Rafael Nadal: 'Larry Ellison brought Indian Wells to the next level'

Rafael Nadal praised the BNP Paribas Open. The event has grown a lot over the years and the Spaniard always loves competing there, especially this year after missing the 2018 edition due to a knee injury. Nadal won 2007, 2009 and 2013 titles in Indian Wells.

"I always had good feelings on that court, being honest, no? I played a lot of good tournaments here", said Nadal. "And I really enjoy playing here. That's true. I always felt great. It's an event that is a little bit different because normally big events are in big cities.

Here we are a little bit with the different feeling being a little bit away from the world, and, yeah, with the feeling that everything is with calm, the views are unbelievable. Normally the weather is great. This year is a little bit worse.

But still, so great, no? For the players, the organization of this event is just fantastic. The work that they are doing is just amazing in the last couple of years. Larry Ellison and all his team are doing a great job. So from the players' perspective, the only thing we can say is thanks for bringing this tournament to the next level."

He also praised the tournament owner Larry Ellison: "Having somebody like Larry in our sport with this passion for tennis is something just fantastic, no? At the same time, he has a global view of the world in general because of the things he experienced with his life, and at the same time with the business.

So he has probably a better view of our sport from outside. He's doing a great job. As I said before, the only thing that we can say is thanks, because have somebody like him supporting our sport and having this love for tennis and investing and trying to promote this sport is something that helps and says a lot of positive things about our sport, too."