Del Potro was one of the unluckiest players with injuries,says Rafael Nadal

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Del Potro was one of the unluckiest players with injuries,says Rafael Nadal

In an interview to ESPN Rafael Nadal commented on Juan Martin del Potro possibly undergoing knee surgery. The Argentine suffered a right knee fracture in October during the Shanghai Masters, he is back to compete at last month's Delray Beach Open but he is not at his best yet.

"The truth is that's sad news", said Nadal. "After seeing him play at the level he did over the last year and a half, this news is bad especially for him and for our sport in general. You have players who have had back luck with these injuries, Without a doubt, and he is one of the guys who suffered the most.

It's a disadvantaged situation for him, his team and all his fans. I simply wish him to make the most right decision for his future, thinking it being calm and in the most correct way. You have times that you win and the frustration of not being able to play makes you take quick decisions.

So he has to calm down and I am sure he will do it. I wish him the best." Patrick Mouratoglou, Serena Williams's coach, praised the Big Three: "That's one of the most difficult things with a tennis player, dealing with expectations.

Whatever level you are gonna reach another level and at that level, you have to get used to having more expectations from yourself, your country, journalists, the tennis world etc. It's a learning process. On the women's tour there has been a lot of changes and after Grand Slams they have been struggling.

Rafa, Roger and Novak have won most of the Grand Slams in the last ten years. That's tough. It's much easier to play with much fewer expectations. We all know that's it's much more difficult to go from nothing to lose to have something to lose so you have to learn to play your game and play to win.

You get to know yourself, you try to find the solution and next time you go to a tennis court you know you have to find a solution."