Rafael Nadal is looking forward to the Davis Cup to start - ITF President

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Rafael Nadal is looking forward to the Davis Cup to start - ITF President

In an interview to Tennis Magazin, the ITF President David Haggerty commented on Rafael Nadal's appearance in the Davis Cup finals in Madrid. Haggerty said that teams, not players, play a key role in the competition' success.

"The most important thing for players and countries will be that the first final tournament will be a full success that will make them enjoy. They will cherish these experiences. Sascha will not be there like he said. We want to make sure that all the players who compete in the Madrid finals enjoy themselves.

It will help us in the years to come. A lot of players who were in February said that they will play again in November. Rafael Nadal will start in Madrid and he is looking forward to the tournament to start. There will definitely be a great player's field," said Haggerty.

Nadal's appearance definitely encourages a lot of people to buy tickets. Are they afraid that the Spaniard could not play due to an injury, which often happens by the end of the season? "Obviously, players are important.

But the nice thing about the Davis Cup is that it's about a clash between two countries. Let's take for example some of the stories in February, when Canada defeated Slovakia with two younger players, Denis Shapovalov and Felix Auger-Aliassime.

The Davis Cup tells stories that can be told. In Spain, there will be a great environment to tell emotional stories. The South American countries like Argentina, Chile, and Colombia love traveling and they already announced they will come to Madrid with a lot of fans."