Karen Khachanov: 'Everything was amazing at US Open against Rafael Nadal'

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Karen Khachanov: 'Everything was amazing at US Open against Rafael Nadal'

Karen Khachanov defeated John Isner on Wednesday to set a quarter-final clash against Rafael Nadal in Indian Wells. Khachanov feels confident as he lost to Nadal just in four sets at the US Open: "I think it was one of the best matches from last year and in general, maybe, like, in terms of fight, spirit, intensity, the rallies, the atmosphere.

Everything was amazing. What to say? He's one of the best tennis players, great champion. And nothing to lose, let's say. You know, I'm playing better. Feeling more confident. It will be a good challenge, good match for me.

I'm really looking forward to have a good match against him." Analyzing his win over Isner, Khachanov added: "Yeah, in the first set, honestly I felt returns pretty well. Like, really I was guessing right in the right moments.

I played in general really solid and good in the key moments, like this. And especially with John, who is a big server, this is very important. I think that's why basically I won the match. On the tiebreak, I started to go again a little bit higher intensity and tried to push myself to serve faster.

It went well. And then especially against John, you try to lead from the beginning. And then that kind of lead gave me extra confidence, you know, after, on the return. So I started really well, 4-0. I chose the right shots. And, you know, that's a big advantage on the tiebreak against him."