Rafael Nadal and one between Novak Djokovic and Zverev will play Davis Cup

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Rafael Nadal and one between Novak Djokovic and Zverev will play Davis Cup

In an interview to Marca, the Davis Cup organizer Albert Costa commented on the possibilities to see the top players competing in the team event in Madrid in November. "Rafa Nadal already said that he will play at 100%.

As for Novak Djokovic and Alexander Zverev, we have a lot of time to discuss and I think one of them will play. Their federations can also help. It's just one week during the year." Costa also denied that Davis Cup should be called Pique Cup in honour of Gerard Pique who features among the project' investors: "Who says it lies, behind Pique, there are a lot of people.

He had the idea. He is a footballer but he is a tennis and sports fan and behind a lot of people are working so that the project goes well and I am sure it will." Costa finally revealed that Fed Cup could adopt a Davis Cup-like format in the future: "The idea we have in Kosmos is trying to extend this project to the Fed Cup as well.

We will do it with a two-year sight. We will see if it's possible. Other authorities join the field but we believe that over two years we can make it." Asked if the new Davis Cup format will be successful, last month in Acapulco Nadal said: "I do not know.

I cannot answer, it's difficult to speak about things that we have not experienced yet, we know the previous (edition) but not what the new (edition) will bring, you have to give yourself the opportunity and see what happens."