Rafa Nadal on injuries: At 45 years, we may pay a price

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Rafa Nadal on injuries: At 45 years, we may pay a price

Rafael Nadal is worried about his life after his tennis career ends. The Spaniard suffered a ton of injuries and he is afraid that he may not be able to have a normal life once he retires from the professional sport. "It's not about we play longer or shorter.

It's about checking all the injuries that players have during their careers," said Nadal. "It's not only about how long a couple of players are able to hold and play. It's about how many hip injuries, how many hip surgeries you have all around the tour, how many problems with the knee, how many problems with the joints in general, ankles.

Yeah, and is not, as I said before, is not only about today. Is about tomorrow. Maybe we gonna pay the price at the age of 45 or something like this. That will be not nice. And when I see some old legends walking around the tour, is tough to see."

On the Miami Open moving from Key Biscayne to Crandon Park, Nadal added: "It's always tough when you change events that are part of the history of our sport. Is always a strange feeling. Key Biscayne has been a charismatic event in our sport for a very, very long time.

So for my point of view, it's a sad feeling. "What I prefer is play well, more than faster or slower or this kind of stuff. No, what I prefer is play well. Because when I'm playing well, I had success in all the surfaces.

No, it's not about the surface. It's about the way that I am playing. I think I don't have to demonstrate myself today where I can play well or not. Because when I was playing well, I played well everywhere. And I was playing bad, I played bad everywhere.

Is tennis. And I tell you, at the beginning of my career probably have been a different story, but today not. I had success all around in all type of surfaces, and I have defeats and bad moments in all the surfaces, too. So it's just about your personal moment and is about if you are able to adapt your game to that situation in that particular moment."