Rafael Nadal: 'With Roger Federer I have a fantastic relationship'

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Rafael Nadal: 'With Roger Federer I have a fantastic relationship'

In an interview to IoDonna, Rafael Nadal commented on his relationship with Roger Federer. They have huge respect for each other, but the Spaniard said: "I would not speak of friendship. With Federer, I have a fantastic relationship.

Stop. But my motivation on court does not change depending on who I am in front of." Nadal said that getting nervous on the court is not good: "You have to be cool on court. You have to just bring yourself beyond the limit."

Did Nadal ever think about living a different life? "I did not even have the time to think about it since at 15 years of age when you start dreaming, I was already a professional player." Is there another champion he would like to be in his life? "Well, Tiger Woods, the No.

1 in golf. He is a player with a big intensity." Nadal is a Real Madrid fan. Would he be able to play in a team? "I like team sports: the external pressure is less stronger because it gets divided among everybody. But you share the win as well.

And that's what I may like less." Nadal has an estimated $200 million net worth: "I have a good life but I do not make crazy expenses. I'd rather invest on social projects like my Foundation that helps the kids getting educated and my Academy where I can make new talents grow.

And then I have a lot of private projects." But he must have bought something nice... "At 18 years old my sponsor was the car brand Kia! As soon as I could, I bought a boat: I live in Manacor, the island where I was born. Staying by the sea makes me calm. I like sleeping in a boat and go fishing."