Nicola Kuhn after Miami collapse: Not everyone can be like Rafael Nadal

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Nicola Kuhn after Miami collapse: Not everyone can be like Rafael Nadal

In an interview to Marca, Nicola Kuhn commented on his collapse due to humidity in his Miami Open first-round loss to Mischa Zverev last week. The Spanish player said: "I do not like to see those images because they were pretty scary moments.

As an elite player, you have to go through it. Many people are speaking of the hydration, energy products but if that was so easy, everyone would do it. If things are not going well is because I did not prepare well enough. Not everyone can be like Rafa Nadal who wins the French Open again and again.

He added, "The only thing I remember is to have played the third game of the last set, not feeling anything, seeing all white and when I collapsed I only wanted them to make me leave the court because I could not cope with it anymore and I could not deal with pain.

I still feel pain. They told me it would disappear within a few days. I will recover little by little and get better. I am physically well prepared, but in Miami, It's very humid and if you add to it the pressure of a match in a packed stadium...

It influences a lot. At home, I will analyze what happened, I will undergo some tests and my team will make me be at the top again. Results will definitely come." Kuhn fell on the court at 2-1 in the third set in his match against Zverev with cramps.

He struggled to even get up and was in immense pain. He had to be assisted to stand up and could not finish the match. It was really terrifying to watch him in such a condition.