Rafael Nadal is not a god, just a correct and humble person - Uncle Toni

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Rafael Nadal is not a god, just a correct and humble person - Uncle Toni

In an interview to El Confidencial, Rafael Nadal's uncle Toni gave his thoughts about the Spanish player's greatness. "Rafael is a great tennis player, but nothing more than that: a correct and down grounded person.

I think he is not a bad example, for the society and youth either. He is not a God, though. In 2005 they told us that Rafael's career was almost finished: that it was difficult to keep being there with the injury he suffered on his foot.

Many people thought he would have soon ended. Rafael keeps being at the top. With him I lived experiences that I would have never imagined. I met an amount of interesting people, outside the court. If I stayed in my city, I would have never done it.

Rafael teached me ability of getting a battle to the extreme, dealing with difficulties and overcoming yourself." Toni never got too excited looking at Rafa and other athletes either: "I do not have as idols Messi, Cristiano, Rafael or Federer, nobody.

I admire real aspects of their sports abilities, but I just appreciate those aspects. If had to admire someone, I do not think it would be a person who hits a ball well. In my professional life I tried not to exaggerate with wins or losses either."

Asked about the main messages he wants to give when he holds a conference call, Toni replied: "Get passionate about what you do, being aware of your limits, working on a consistent basis, fight for what you want. This is how you will achieve a personal satisfaction."