Toni Nadal reveals his only two regrets about Rafael

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Toni Nadal reveals his only two regrets about Rafael

What could Rafael Nadal have achieved more in his career? The Spaniard won 80 career-titles including 17 Grand Slams, but his uncle Toni said: "The ATP Finals. And serving a bit better. In the life you can always aim to something more.

I did not make Rafael improve his serve. It was not just about strength but co-ordination too. He always made him get tired in winning points. They always said that tennis is fully physical. The problem is that Rafael started from a serve that was not strong enough.

Many times I heard: 'If he does it, or the other' They forget that it's not easy to deliver an aggressive game when the serve does not allow you to." And being lefty, didn't he benefit from it? "I do not think so.

They say that there are less lefties than right. That's not true. Also, Rafael is not lefty. As a kid he was playing two-handed. As the time went on, I suggested him that he would play one handed so that he would hit stronger because he was actually hitting stronger on the left side."

Nadal also has a very particular forehand for his hand and arm movement. "I do not like it. At all. I always liked the normal shots, a classic style. But Rafael started to hit this way as a kid, as a young guy, in order to make opponents, who were bigger than him, uncomfortable.

He won titles and that's why he kept using this shot. But I never defended him. I like the classic style. If I could choose, I'd rather see Rafael hit like Federer. I was not looking for this shot."